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We offer an affordable alternative to working in real estate.

I have a simple, common sense philosophy for real estate.  If you put in the effort and do a great job for your clients, they in turn, will tell their friends.  This grows your contact list and eventually, the bulk of your business will come via repeat clients and referrals from your clients. 

I have the same philosophy with building the company.  If I do a good job for my agents, they in turn will tell other Industry Professionals who then might consider joining Logic Realty.

It seems that every real estate company claims to be #1 in some aspect or another, but how does being #1 actually benefit you or your clients?  Unless you rely on the company for your leads, you are probably like most agents and self-generate almost all your business from people you know, friends, family, repeat clients and perhaps advertising.

Do you want to pay a monthly desk fee and/or commission split to the company you work for, when you are the one generating most or maybe all your leads?  You need a brokerage from which to operate, and while loyalty to your current brokerage is admirable, at the end of the day, loyalty doesn't pay the bills.  The fees you could save by switching to Logic would be significant.

Want to learn more about Logic Realty?  We would love the opportunity to buy you a coffee and show you our system.  We also encourage you to contact any of our agents to get their opinions of Logic Realty.  Maybe it's time to work for yourself  WITH Logic Realty rather than FOR a company.

Candid answers to common questions & concerns

What are your fees?

For individual Agents, our fees are $275.00 plus GST to administer each transaction.  If you represent both sides in the same transaction (aka a “Double-ender”), the fee is not doubled, but rather $475.00 plus GST.  Fee for Service and Referrals are $125.00 plus GST.

For Teams, our fees are $300.00 plus GST to administer each transaction for a team of 2. The fee increases $25.00 for each additional team member. If the team of 2 represents both sides in the same transaction, the fee is $525.00 plus GST. This fee also increases $25.00 for each additional team member. The additional fees are to cover the processing of the extra cheques and statements of earnings.

 - No desk fees

 - No franchise fees

 - No mandatory advertising fees

 - No corporate advertising fees

 - No regional fees

 - No international fees

 - No hidden fees

You only pay on a “per deal” basis.  For example, just to make this clear, if you were with Logic Realty and didn’t do a transaction for 5 years, you would owe Logic Realty nothing (not that I am encouraging you to do that).

There are only two other costs. One is a $300.00 deposit payable upon joining. It is refundable upon leaving the Brokerage, less any unpaid balance owing. The other cost is a $95.00 per year General Liability Insurance.

Are we different than any other company?

Not really.  I suppose every company is somewhat unique in their own ways, but the bottom line is that most real estate companies basically do the same thing.  All agents have their own style of doing business and all brokerages process the paperwork, tend to the daily tasks, and pay out commissions earned.  We are no different in that regard, but do it more economically.  We maximize the agent’s net income which decreases their chances of having “too much month at the end of the money”.  We are a full-service brokerage undertaking all aspects of real estate from residential, condominium, rural and agricultural sales to commercial sales & leasing.  The business structure is not complicated.  No graduated commission splits, no shares, no multi-levels - just a plain “fee per deal” system that works. We keep it simple.

Is it true Logic Realty does not have a brick and mortar building?

Yes, it is true.  Logic operates what you could call a cloud-based brokerage, eliminating the burden of an actual office building (and the expenses that go along with maintaining it and the grounds).  In the past, people wanted to be close to the office in case they had to drop in for something.  With today’s technology, you no longer need to do that.  Your geographical location to the office doesn’t matter.  Most people now access all the paperwork they need from their home office.  How often do you actually bring your clients to the office these days? Let’s face it, when you’re showing property and your client wants to write an offer, you will likely go back to their place, to a coffee shop and write the offer or just prep the paperwork and use electronic signatures.  When listing, you’re usually at the seller’s property and do everything there.  I don’t believe people need an office like in the old days.  No building equals no monthly desk fees, which means less overhead, which means more money stays in your pocket to save or spend as you wish.  Maybe take a vacation, pay down some debt, use some of the money you saved to promote yourself, give to charity, do those home renos or whatever you want.  It might even help in negotiating the sale.

I prefer to work with a local company to keep the money local.

In that case, Logic Realty is the logical choice.  It is based out of Edmonton and other than the reinstatement fees paid to maintain our licenses, all the money stays local.  Our agents are all local and are spread throughout the greater Edmonton area.


Why would I want to work for a no-name real estate company?

That thought went through my head many times as I was contemplating stepping out on my own.  I was about to leave a big-name company to start a one-person, no name company that, at the time, no one had heard of.  I remember what my real estate trainer told me back in 1987.  He said words to the effect that “If you do a good job for your clients, they won’t care where you work”.  He said you could be at “Joe’s Pizza and Real Estate” and your clients will stay loyal to you.  I was self-generating almost all my business from my clientele list anyway, so it seemed like a logical step.  He was right!  Not only did business not skip a beat, but it gave me a reason to contact all my clients again to inform them of the switch.

I have heard this no-name objection before, and often it comes from the brokers of the larger firms who are trying to dissuade their agents from switching.  If all your fees are covered due to all the leads the big-name company feeds you, and if you don’t mind doing all those deals for free until you have reached that break-even point, maybe you should stay where you are.  If things are not quite working out like that, maybe it’s time to reassess.  Over the years I have known a few people who were making the “big bucks“ with the big companies, and were going broke in the process. And as for public perception, have you ever had a client say to you that they really like that listing but don’t want to see it because it’s listed with a no-name company?  Have you ever heard an agent say that they don’t want to show a property simply because it is listed with a no-name company?

I am very new to the business.  Is Logic Realty a good match for me?

To be truthful, I don’t think that Logic Realty would be the best fit.  We are geared more for the agent who has been around the block, so to speak, and self-generates most of their leads.  We cater to those who are familiar with the industry and familiar with all the forms.  We do not have a training or mentorship program for new agents, but I do try to make myself available to answer any questions. Point of interest - I have been told by a few agents that I offer more help than what they were promised at their former brokerages - go figure :)

Why should I come over to Logic Realty?

Whether you should or should not, it is entirely up to you.  Like it or not, there is only one real estate board that services the greater Edmonton area and we all have to use the same MLS® system, so it doesn’t really matter where you hang your hat.  A more appropriate question might be “If I can do the same job with less overhead at Logic vs where I am now, WHY NOT come over”?  A penny saved is a penny earned.


What are your expectations from your agents?

Most of my expectations are outlined in the Logic Realty Policy Manual.  There are no sales quotas, and since you are an independent contractor, you alone determine how much business you want to do.  I expect everyone to conduct their business in a professional manner, follow the rules and regulations and to abide by “The Golden Rule”.  I also expect the Logic agent not to allow the almighty dollar to cloud good judgement. I don’t have a lot of patience for agents who have dollar signs in their eyes.


What are the commission splits offered?

Usually a commission split is a choice the Associate might agree to if it lessens the monthly desk fee.  We offer a 100% commission structure.  It doesn’t seem right to offer a commission split when there is no desk fee.  If you are part of a multi-agent Team, the commission will be divided up amongst the team members as per your team arrangement.

How fast do you pay out on commissions?

Commissions are almost always paid out the same day we receive the cheque from the law firm or other real estate company.  Paydays are every day.  We offer a choice of payment options:

 - direct money transfers to your account (fees & conditions may be involved)

 - cheque left for pick-up in the secure mailbox

 - cheque couriered to your residence (fees involved with that choice)

 - cheque snail mailed to your residence


What services do you provide?

All conveyancing is done for you

We prepare the letters and related paperwork to the lawyers and the real estate companies.  You simply submit the paperwork to Logic like you do now at your current brokerage.

We have checklists for things to do when listing, and for when you are dealing with an offer

You never need to worry about forgetting an important step along the way when filling out the paperwork.  The checklists also point out the other forms you need to complete.

Company website has basically one purpose, and that is to link people to you and/or your website.  No calls or enquiries are filtered through the office.  It is “scoop-proof”.

Helpful reference material on Google Drive

Sometimes you might not be sure how to write certain terms in an offer, or perhaps you encountered a situation that is unfamiliar and don’t quite know how to deal with.  Or maybe you just need a form and for some reason cannot access WEBForms.  All the listing and offer forms in pdf are on Google Drive along with various pre-worded terms, and topics covering everything from A to Z.  If you have questions, Google Drive might already have your answer.  If not, we try to be available at reasonable (sometimes unreasonable) hours to help.

We have a secure drop off and pick up mailbox

Agents can drop off deposit cheques and you can pick up your mail/cheques.

Supplies list for various signage and supplies

Most of the signage and supplies are in stock for immediate pickup.

Temporary business cards

It’s an option if you need cards before your personal ones are ready.

Office Meetings

Getting independent contractors to voluntarily attend office meetings can be difficult, so I bribe them with a free breakfast at various local diners.  If you cannot make it, no worries.  A week or so before the meeting, I send out the date, location & time for the meeting, along with the material for all to read.  Then people who plan to attend can prepare any questions or concerns for discussion at the meeting.  It becomes more of a relaxed informal get-together.  It is also a great opportunity to meet your fellow agent and perhaps establish working relationships, share ideas, find someone who can handle your calls when away, etc.

Does your company do Property Management?

No.  I have considered it but, in my opinion, it would shift our focus away from what we do best.  I am not aware of many Real Estate companies in Edmonton that actively do it.

How can I be sure that calls for me get to me?

Logic Realty encourages all agents to only have their contact information on their business cards, signage and on any advertising.  This eliminates the need for a receptionist and eliminates the chances of scooped, filtered or misdirected calls.  All calls for you go to you.


How much hassle is it to make the move over to Logic?

That depends on a few things like finding out if your current brokerage is keeping your present listings, etc.  You would need to have that conversation with your current broker and with your clients, so you know where you stand.  The cost to reinstate to another brokerage is currently less than $210.00, assuming you are up to date on your educational requirements, etc.  We could establish the exact cost with RECA and RAE prior to reinstating.  The time it takes to reinstate is just minutes.

What happens to my listings if I decide to leave your brokerage?

The only reason I would keep them is if you refused to settle any outstanding debt owed to Logic. Other than that, you would be free to take them to your new brokerage. There are a few exceptions to the rule as outlined in our policy manual, but generally speaking, if you leave Logic Realty to go to another brokerage, all existing non-pending listings go with you. I’m not in the business of upsetting your sellers for the sake of a potential commission. I would be more concerned with understanding why you wanted to leave in the first place because it doesn’t happen very often :)


What if I owe my existing brokerage money?

I have spoken to a few people who have been in this situation.  A few lean months and the next thing they know, they’re behind the eight ball and it becomes an uphill battle.  They feel they cannot leave their present company because as soon as they do, they will be called upon to settle their debt.  So, the agent continues to slug away month after month, perhaps falling further in debt, hoping for that lucrative month where they can finally make enough money to pay things off.  I cannot advise you on what to do but I can tell you that if I was in that situation, I would switch to stop the bleeding, and then work out a payment plan.  We have a few suggestions on that.

One last word

Rather than take my word for it, if you’re considering a move, I encourage you to contact any of the Logic agents and ask them all the questions you want….Makes sense to me.